Terms and Conditions

(This section does not concern resellers)


Upon receiving your order, we will send you an order confirmation via email, 
which is good to save until the order arrives. 
It is of paramount importance that the given contact information is correct 
so that the confirmations arrive in the right place.

After ordering Baby Stone (L) or (M) products, 
you will receive materials for taking imprints of your baby´s hand and foot.

The final glass will be made according to these imprints.
The materials should be sent back to us by mail in the included box.

The materials should be stored in unopened state until you decide to make the traces.
Molds should be used within 3 weeks of arrival due to longer storage will change the composition of the substances and the end result may not be as desired.
In particular, the hardener dries out over time and does not work well.

Once you have opened the packages, it is useful to practice the procedure without adding the hardener.
The mold material is easy to reuse if the exercise fails.
Once you are sure that you are in control of the procedure,
add a hardener and take the final traces.
Decotrading is not responsible for the inaccuracy or other poor quality of the traces.

Finished imprints must be returned to us within one year from the date of purchase.
Older orders will no longer be considered as they may have been removed from our system.

If you have chosen invoice as the payment method, 
the invoice should be fully paid before sending materials back to us.

The final Baby Stone glass will be delivered to you by mail within 4 weeks calculated from the moment that we have received the used imprint materials from the customer.

Baby Stone (S) and Gift For You- products:
When the order is filed as paid and complete, the products will be sent to you within 2 weeks .


When you have received imprint materials but want to cancel the order:
You can cancel your order within 14 days after receiving imprint materials.
Send materials back to us and we will refund your payment minus delivering costs.
All materials should not be opened or used.

 When you want to cancel your order but will not return imprint materials:
We will refund your payment minus delivering costs and
material costs 20 eur / imprint box.

When you have received and used imprint materials
but want to cancel the production of the glass itself:

You should cancel within 5 days after sending us back the materials because then we have not yet started the production of the glass.
We will refund your payment minus delivery costs and
material costs 20 eur / imprint box.

When the production of the glass have started, you can not cancel your order anymore 
since the work can not be reversed and the glass is made individually for you.

Baby Stone (S) and Gift For You – products should be canceled within 24 hours after purchase. After that, there is a risk that the production of the product is already completed and therefore can not be refunded.

Gift Cards are valid for 3 months after purchase and should be used during that time.
If not used, there can be no refund after 3 months.
If a Gift Card is used, the cancellation policy is the same as mentioned above
concerning products as Baby Stone (L), (M), (S), and Gift For You.
The whole value of a Gift Card must be used preferably at one purchase.
If the whole value is not used during the period of validation of the card,
the remaining value will expire.
Gift Cards can not be transferred into cash.

If you have questions regarding the process, take contact with our customer service: